Workpackage 06 (partial) - Rapid review, monitoring, evaluation and learning

Sorry I have not contributed much to all this so far - really busy up to now. I (and David W) have an interest in the rapid review elements of WP 6 which seems to be a mapping and lit review exercise. As this seems to be a problem at the moment (re "HELP!") I thought I'd have a crack at the WP outline. Hope this helps.

Input is still required on the monitoring and evaluation elements.


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WP 06 Review / monitoring & learning


Sorry I've been busy elsewhere.

I'm intersted in participating in WP 06, but I may have difficulty in officially signing up to the bid (the bid approval bureaucracy within SHU can take about 10 days to complete). What is the process at this stage?

In terms of the WP definition, we should think about separating objectives of

1) mapping current UK innovation practice and

2) running an 'observatory' function to monitor international developments

3) Developing a framework for understanding the innovation proces in third sector and dissemination of innovation

4) Develop a framework for monitoring innovation in the third sector.


In terms of activities, I think we need some form of quantitative monitoring as well as qualitative work (unusual for me to be saying lets have more quantitative work!) - which implies the creation of a monitoring instrument (another objective, and the operation of that monitorign on a rolling basis (annual?)

I would also suggest that we should emphasise Objective (v) learning as the primary tender objective for this work package, with objectives (i) & (ii) as secondary - these others map more closely to the on-line and event work packages.




WBS & unLtd join OIEC

Hi Andy - thanks for your contributions - Warwick Business School (Prof Jean Hartley and Rod Dacombe) have picked up WP06 and are leading on it but I am sure you will be able to be involed in the implementation. I will point them to your postings here which have already influenced our model.

unLtd have also joined the consortium putting in the bid. So things are looking good.

I've just posted the current bid text here.


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