Tools in practice - using feeds to help keep on top of innovation

Thinking of how we can practice what we preach I’ve been exploring using some of the tools to help keep on top of all the Innovation Exchange buzz, and show how they could help the whole project in the future.

With all the information being produced we're all acutely awawe of missing the latest report or comment or duplicating what's already been done. There are plent of sources of information but now we are in danger of being swamped and subscribing to hundreds of RSS feeds means you don't miss anything, but you do end up wading through a lot of dross.

Taking a few trusted sources and adding in some search terms can help keep track of what's going on so that we don't miss anything but still get a good overview. To deonstrate this I’ve plugged together a feed that combines xPRESS Digest, Voluntary news, Designing for Civil Society (David’s blog) and the news Google blog search and filtering all these feeds for ‘innovation exchange’ (NB i’ve not included a technorati search as is a little less selective in its searches and is already picking up the innovation exchange posts themselves)

We could pull this feed into this site to give a bit of an overview of what’s going on outside on the web?

It’s picking up interesting things like:

and could point us towards some other partners we might not have thought of..

For the Innovation Exchange project as a whole these tailored, filtered feeds could act as 'agents' to gather information and make particpants aware of other projects, case studies and examples outside of the exchange. They would provide a bridge between the internal goings-on of the Exchange and the rest of the world/web (how many toolkits etc have we seen that duplicate what's going on just down the street...) The good thing about it is that even if others are not aware of the Exchange, with suitable searches (at the exchange end) and well written and relevant content (from the rest of the sector), they will be participating (albeit passively at first) simply by doing what they do already. The key is be aware of what else is going on out there and not to make it a closed shop, and technology can help do that.


Dan can you do your magic?

Hi Dan

Can you arrange it so that this feed comes into this site?

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