Thoughts on OIE

Great idea David and Simon - coming up with a new use for the work and community developed here. Hope I can contribute in a meaningful way!

My work in this area is now centered around Change2 - - an umbrella for the social media projects I have undertaken, all of which are free to use and generally of some social benefit.

I had always intended that Change2 be not just about me, but a more open group of people working within this space. The infrastructure of Change2 is based on Google Apps, and I have 200 odd accounts to give away, so if anyone wants an email address, calendar, docs and spreadsheets account etc, do let me know - if this ended up providing some backup to the OIE, it'd be great.

Am looking forward to meeting up with other Open Exchangers come the autumn!

Couple of questions:

  • Can I ask that we have the Drupal RSS aggregator set up to create a 'planet' of everyone's RSS feeds, as well as the tag feed?
  • Do we need a logo?

Open Sourcing this approach

The approach we have used to develop this bid has generated a lot of interest and so we thought it would be useful to 'open source' the process so that others can pick it up, use it and develop it further.

What this means in practice is that we will write up what we did and invite others to add ideas for improvement. We will do this, as time allows, over the next couple of weeks.

Delivering the bid ... not just online

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After all the virtual working of the past few weeks it seemed essential that we did more than just wing a pdf to John Craig and colleagues at the Cabinet Office. Time for hard copy - so Simon took the train and bike down from Warwickshire, Dan brought the camera, and we all met up outside the Office of the Third Sector for a proper delivery of the package. I asked Simon if he felt the effort had been worthwhile, and whether the open process had brought something extra to the proposal. Of course, he had to say yes ... but I know from conversations we've had, as well as his reply here, that it is a heartfelt yeeeah!!! As you'll hear in the interview, we got lots of new ideas and relationships, and it isn't over yet. By the way, if others who put in a bid want to go naked at this late stage, we would be happy to host their proposals on the site. Maybe open a poll ..... You can get carried away with this openness. Meanwhile, you can find what's in the package here, with encouragement to continue to contribute.

View on Innovation Exchange from a Social Entrepreneur

Hi all...many thanks to David Wilcox for inviting me onto this forum. I have spend the last few hours looking through what has been posted on this site and I have to say that I am very excited about seeing collaboration in action.

I have decided to focus my post from the user perspective. I have read a lot about content and delivery - seeing many impressive models on the way - however, for me the key is whether what is proposed will help me to build my social enterprise, Work Empowerment Foundation, with more impact, speed and effectiveness.

I will cover four areas in this post - these signify the key areas for concern for me:

  • Who is the core target market?
  • What are the motivations of Social Entrepreneurs?
  • What are problems that Social Entrepreneurs are facing?
  • Possible solutions that can be offered by the innovations exchange

Who is the core target market?  read more »

Tools in practice - using feeds to help keep on top of innovation

Thinking of how we can practice what we preach I’ve been exploring using some of the tools to help keep on top of all the Innovation Exchange buzz, and show how they could help the whole project in the future.

With all the information being produced we're all acutely awawe of missing the latest report or comment or duplicating what's already been done. There are plent of sources of information but now we are in danger of being swamped and subscribing to hundreds of RSS feeds means you don't miss anything, but you do end up wading through a lot of dross.  read more »

Jane Berry interview

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Innovation Exchange benefits from net:gain The initial model for taking innovation to service providers and users draws on the net:gain programme that is being delivered by ruralnet|uk. Jane Berry is managing the programme, and when we met I asked her about the connection. I heard that one of the key ideas is social franchising.

The Innovation Process

I have been doing a bit of research over the last week to see what academics and researchers think the innovation process is.

There is lots of stuff on this relating to the private sector but relatively little that relates to the delivery of public services. But I have found two which might be helpful:

Source: Innovation: A roadmap for homeless agencies - npfSynergy - 2003


And this one from the Cabinet Office report by Geoff Mulgan and David Albury:

Source: INNOVATION IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR - [ver 1.9 October 2003] - Geoff Mulgan and David Albury


Concept - The Movie

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There has been a call for futher explanation of the model we have presented for the Innovation Exchange and so we have produced an animated movie presentation with audio narrative.

Commentry for the powerpoint presentation IE Model v3_1.ppt (MP3 Format)

12:19 minutes (16.9 MB)

Please ignore the first 10 seconds!

The presentation that this goes with can be downloaded here (324 KB).



Charity Finance covers the Open Innovation Exchange

We've had some terrific coverage from Charity Finance on the proposal. OK, I'm quoted rather well, so I'm biased, but Tania Mason has really captured what we are trying to do, including the point that if we win, some of the funds will be available to others.

Tania says that our proposal is in competition with one from the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, and the Young Foundation. Maybe this will build on the Launchpad programme they are developing with an impressive team and list of partners.  read more »

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