The role for evaluation and evidence


At Matrix ( we lead the way in providing high-value, evidence based research and consultancy support to the public services, including close working with the third sector. Innovation is at the heart of our approaches, as is our desire to have an impact on what is happening.

From this background we offer the following comments on the proposal, and a reflection on our motivation to contribute.

Many of what we regard as key issues for the Innovation Exchange have been highlighted by other contributors: understanding motivations for involvement, sustaining involvement and resources, evaluating outcomes, improving performance and accessing hard to reach communities.

Underpinning potential solutions to these issues is the role for evaluation and evidence. Reflecting on a comment in the audio version of the model, the role of evidence must be as a bridge over the silo that can exist between “academic exchanges” and “impact on the ground”. In this case, to address the following questions and provide high quality evidence to inform effective action:


  • What evidence already exists on similar approaches and how they have worked in practice?

  • •What is the Innovation Exchange for?

  • •What are the motivations for contributing?

  • •How can outcomes be measured?

  • •How can the value of these outcomes be quantified?

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