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Thoughts on OIE

Great idea David and Simon - coming up with a new use for the work and community developed here. Hope I can contribute in a meaningful way!

My work in this area is now centered around Change2 - - an umbrella for the social media projects I have undertaken, all of which are free to use and generally of some social benefit.

I had always intended that Change2 be not just about me, but a more open group of people working within this space. The infrastructure of Change2 is based on Google Apps, and I have 200 odd accounts to give away, so if anyone wants an email address, calendar, docs and spreadsheets account etc, do let me know - if this ended up providing some backup to the OIE, it'd be great.

Am looking forward to meeting up with other Open Exchangers come the autumn!

Couple of questions:

  • Can I ask that we have the Drupal RSS aggregator set up to create a 'planet' of everyone's RSS feeds, as well as the tag feed?
  • Do we need a logo?
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