Developing the New Media Open Innovation Exchange

Who is interested in an innovation exchange where we can both talk about using new media for social benefit, and also collaborate to develop some applications and services?

My previous item about an open innovation exchange for new media sparked some conversations online and off ... particularly with Simon Berry, who so ably project managed the development of our original proposal. I find it fairly easy to come up with ideas (well, remix other people's mostly) but making them happen takes a different sort of capability. Simon is a great reality tester. Do we have the time and resources? Will anyone else be interested? Can we deliver some useful products, services or other real outcomes? Will it be sustainable through earnings or other energy?

Anyway, to do some wider testing I drafted a set of questions and answers, talked them through with Simon who made some changes, and you can see them here and below.

This is by way of a very soft launch of the New Media Open Innovation Exchange. Or the Open New Media Innovation Exchange. Or Open Innovation Exchange for New Media. Or something better, please.


These are some first thoughts developed by David Wilcox and Simon Berry,
following discussions with some others involved in the Innovation
Exchange. Please add comments below, and help develop the idea further.
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