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Some essential reading / useful resources

In case you haven't come across it already, this is pretty much essential reading:

It draws heavily on the work of Mulgan* and Albury (2003) "Innovation in the public sector", Strategy Unit, Cabinet Office, October 2003.


Then there is the 'Exploring Innovation' website/forum - "Exploring Innovation - a space for local government conversations". We need to engage with the people behind this. I have registered and posted something about this exchange. There is a presentation from Geoff Mulgan (note - this is a PDF) on this site.

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Charity Finance covers the Open Innovation Exchange

We've had some terrific coverage from Charity Finance on the proposal. OK, I'm quoted rather well, so I'm biased, but Tania Mason has really captured what we are trying to do, including the point that if we win, some of the funds will be available to others.

Tania says that our proposal is in competition with one from the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, and the Young Foundation. Maybe this will build on the Launchpad programme they are developing with an impressive team and list of partners.  read more »

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