Thanks - but no thanks

The Office of the Third Sector (OTS) are still to announce their preferred partner for the delivery of the Innovation Exchange. But unfortunately it's not going to be us . .  read more »

OIE makes the Society Guardian

I'm slightly embarassed by the attributions here but we made it into last week's Society Guardian (sponsored by vodaphone).


Just a quick note to say that we've been interviewed. A video chat done immediately afterwards should appear here shortly. What are my immediate feelings?  read more »

Q and A gets 92 reads

At 1:30pm David Wilcox posted our first stab at the Questions we might be asked at interview and how we would respond (to some of them) and by 8:30pm 92 people had read them . . . you can read them and advise us here.

We've been shortlisted!

The 21 bids have been read and 4 have been selected for interview and ours is one of them. Well done everyone! Here is the email from John Craig received today:  read more »

The 'out takes'

We were restricted in the number of pages we could submit by the tender rules and there are things we would have liked to have explained more fully, had we had the time and space.

The OTS did say that they would follow-up if they needed further explanation of things so I hope we have done enough that they feel follow-up is worthwhile.

In the meantime we will be loading the 'out takes' up here.

Final versions of workpackages

Please find attached the final versions of the workpackages with the financial information removed (for tender rules reasons).


Bid Sumitted

Here’s the proof. The bid on its way from bike to bid reception. I bumped into John Craig in reception which was nice. I am sure it was a coincidence or maybe it was because we were causing a bit of concern setting up to film outside! But it felt good anyway.

He was friendly and, reading between the lines, I think he’s been really interested in the approach we’ve taken. They are expecting ‘a number’ of bids and I got the impression that it was number about halfway-ish between 15 and 25. So, as we breath a sigh of relief and can get our lives back, the hard work starts for them.

Our full bid less financials (for tender rule reasons) is attached to this post.

Thanks again everybody. This has been a really enjoyable and thought provoking experience. I, for one, am going to have to completely re-think the way I do most things!

Proposal - version 4.8

Report page

Here is version 4.8 of the proposal. We are still open for comments but we'd need to get them by midday tomorrow to be able to include them. There is still a lot of work to do but barring accidents I think we will get there.


Update Report from Mission Control

. . . just taking a break from the typing to let you know that there is going to be a bit of a delay while my assistant gets her act together and finishes section 8! Thanks for all the contributions . . . we are still waiting on one or two . . . hurry please!

Hope to get the latest version uploaded by 9am tomorrow.


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