Timeline - 1st draft - SB perspective

Simon wrote: Here's a first go at a timeline - it is from my perspective so please add stuff. I know a lot of discussions went on before I got involved . . .


SB - Simon Berry; JB - Jane Berry; DW - David Wilcox; DJW - Daniel J Wilcox 


28/3/07 Call for tenders published by Office of the Third SEctor (OTS) in the Cabinet Office. Ted link

DW hears about the tender when presenting at a conference for UK nonprofits and blogs an item saying that lack of online capability, and willingness to share, in the sector could present challenges to the success of any innovation exchange. He adds P.S. - nothing's perfect. Who wants to develop a consortium bid?

6/4/07 Good Friday
9/4/07 Easter Monday

12/4/07 An email exchange with John Craig, who was handling the tender procedures at OTS, leads DW to an encouraging meeting on April 12. It was clear OTS are really keen get new ideas.  read more »

Open sourcing this process

As David W has indicated already, it would be good to document what we did here so that others could pick up the process, use it themselves and improve it. Open sourcing the process.  read more »

Could we do a virtual Open Innovation Exchange?

I don't wish to distract the team from preparations for tomorrow's interview at Cabinet Office, but the wonders of automated  ego search alerted me to interest in the Exchange from online community guru Howard Rheingold. Interviewed at the Terra Nova blog, which explore virtual worlds like Second Life, Howard picked up on an item I wrote. He says:  read more »

Open Sourcing this approach

The approach we have used to develop this bid has generated a lot of interest and so we thought it would be useful to 'open source' the process so that others can pick it up, use it and develop it further.

What this means in practice is that we will write up what we did and invite others to add ideas for improvement. We will do this, as time allows, over the next couple of weeks.

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