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After all the virtual working of the past few weeks it seemed essential that we did more than just wing a pdf to John Craig and colleagues at the Cabinet Office. Time for hard copy - so Simon took the train and bike down from Warwickshire, Dan brought the camera, and we all met up outside the Office of the Third Sector for a proper delivery of the package. I asked Simon if he felt the effort had been worthwhile, and whether the open process had brought something extra to the proposal. Of course, he had to say yes ... but I know from conversations we've had, as well as his reply here, that it is a heartfelt yeeeah!!! As you'll hear in the interview, we got lots of new ideas and relationships, and it isn't over yet. By the way, if others who put in a bid want to go naked at this late stage, we would be happy to host their proposals on the site. Maybe open a poll ..... You can get carried away with this openness. Meanwhile, you can find what's in the package here, with encouragement to continue to contribute.

net:gain mapped onto OIE model

I've been meaning to put this up for a couple of days (sorry!). The mapping of net:gain onto the model proposed here is in the Powerpont file attached.  read more »

Unique Network - Application of Model

We watched the powerpoint presentation with great interest this morning. During the presentation we were really struck by how closely it related to our replication project of the Unique Coffee Bar (youth cafe model) here in the East Midlands. 

Unique Coffee Bar is a 100% sustainable youth drop-in project supported by an Alternative Education social enterprise. We developed the Unique Network last year which has the aim of assisting other communities in setting up coffee bars similar to the Unique Coffee Bar in Newark. For more information on the network project see 'Unique Network'

We are currently working towards opening 5 Coffee Bars within the East Midlands in the next two years with a further 15 planned in the future. We currently have two communities who are close to opening (late this year/ early next year) and three others in the pipeline.  read more »

Simon Berry interview

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Technology for innovation - but in its place I've known Simon Berry and his team at Ruralnet for some years, and I'm always amazed that they manage to keep coming up with innovative ideas while continuing to get the nuts and bolts of project delivery right. We share an enthusiasm for new technology. Simon reminded me technology is a means to end - and has to be integrated with other ways in which people can work together. He also emphasised that we can't expect people always to share knowledge without reward: trading will be part of the mix in our vision of the Innovation Exchange.

Jane Berry interview

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Innovation Exchange benefits from net:gain The initial model for taking innovation to service providers and users draws on the net:gain programme that is being delivered by ruralnet|uk. Jane Berry is managing the programme, and when we met I asked her about the connection. I heard that one of the key ideas is social franchising.

New version of model (v 3.2)

A modified version of the Innovation Exchange model we are using to guide us is attached to this post.

It tries to incorporate the points made by Andy here.


The Innovation Process

I have been doing a bit of research over the last week to see what academics and researchers think the innovation process is.

There is lots of stuff on this relating to the private sector but relatively little that relates to the delivery of public services. But I have found two which might be helpful:

Source: Innovation: A roadmap for homeless agencies - npfSynergy - 2003


And this one from the Cabinet Office report by Geoff Mulgan and David Albury:

Source: INNOVATION IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR - [ver 1.9 October 2003] - Geoff Mulgan and David Albury


A framework for fostering innovation

A framework for fostering innovation

Source: INNOVATION IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR - ver 1.9 October 2003 - Geoff Mulgan and David AlburyA framework for fostering innovation

The Innovation Process - nfpSynergy

The Innovation Process - nfpSynergy

Source: Innovation: A roadmap for homeless agencies - October 2003 - nfpSynergy -

Diffusion of Innovations and Open Learning Systems

OK - model version 1 looks good - but be careful - availability bias means that it is very easy to believe that the model you have is complete when that may not be the case.


A few points:

Firstly, can I just mention that I'm not very keen on the idea of
labelling things with roles 'innovator',
'replicator', 'mentor'. Although you make clear people might perform
multiple roles, most people most of the time sit in one role. I would
prefer abstract verbs - innovate, replicate, mentor. I'm not going to
get upset if we don't do this in the bid, but it does colour what I say
below.  read more »

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