Just a quick note to say that we've been interviewed. A video chat done immediately afterwards should appear here shortly. What are my immediate feelings?  read more »

Q and A gets 92 reads

At 1:30pm David Wilcox posted our first stab at the Questions we might be asked at interview and how we would respond (to some of them) and by 8:30pm 92 people had read them . . . you can read them and advise us here.

We are now number 1

Dan, who is working hard in the background to keep this site going (and is not fast at coming forward!) reports:

Hi Simon
If you type in - open innovation exchange - into a search engine we
come up first
We come first in: google, yahoo, msn, ask, altavista, searchmash

We must be doing something right! At least innovators and all those who support them will be able to find us!

Thanks Dan.


What's the effect of competition.

I have been exercising my mind as to what kind of innovator is going to put their time into this process. On the face of it what's in it for them. Or rather as a social entrepreneur what's in it for me.

My focus is my organisation why should I help others (who may in the future be competing for service delivery contracts) develop. Ive provided some ideas about this in my comments on the model but i think if this bid is to be successfully the logic for participation must be crystal clear. Hence this post and the hope of encouraging some discussion.

Other areas that are immedialy obvious to me are collaboration between mutually compatible organizations. So I can improve the quality, quantity and responsiveness of of my services by working with organization close to... but not in my competitive space.

Traditional models of economics may help here (see M Porter on value chains and networks).  read more »

Charity Finance covers the Open Innovation Exchange

We've had some terrific coverage from Charity Finance on the proposal. OK, I'm quoted rather well, so I'm biased, but Tania Mason has really captured what we are trying to do, including the point that if we win, some of the funds will be available to others.

Tania says that our proposal is in competition with one from the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, and the Young Foundation. Maybe this will build on the Launchpad programme they are developing with an impressive team and list of partners.  read more »

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