*STOP PRESS* We've been nominated for an award! BUT you'll need to comment else we'll lose out to Downing Street (YouTube)!!

This collective, open effort to put a bid in to run the Innovation Exchange has been nominated for an award under the 'Modernising Government' category of the New Statesman New Media awards by Nick Booth at Podnosh. He explains why he made the nomination in his article 'Open source tendering - New Model or New Madness' which can be read here. There is an audio interview with David Wilcox, our mentor in all of this, at the end of the piece, which is excellent.

It was interesting for me to read an angle on the process written by someone not directly involved. I also like the 'New Model/New Madness' contrast too. Anyway, if you think we are worth nominating please do so. The more nominations we get the better. OR you can comment here. You'll need to comment otherwise we'll lose out to Downing Street (YouTube)!!

Phew! What a week!


Hint: submitting comment on award

NOTE: pressing the rating button after you have typed in your comment but before you submit your comment clears the posting box and does NOT submit the comment.

You can comment and rate the OIE nomination here.

New Statesman New Media Awards

Well done everyone!

... and add ratings too

I'm a judge on the New Media Awards, but will be ducking out of that role on the modernising government section to avoid a conflict of interest. I guess that frees me up to say - yes, please comment, not just on the bid process but on whether this approach could make a really beneficial impact on the way that public services are developed. As well as commenting, you can click the edit link next to the stars and add a rating - one to five. Just go here.

New Media awards

I have added my vote to the site. Should we be alerting all our contributors ?

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