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Here is version 4.8 of the proposal. We are still open for comments but we'd need to get them by midday tomorrow to be able to include them. There is still a lot of work to do but barring accidents I think we will get there.


INEX_proposal_v4_8.doc2.74 MB




Have been through the bid ( at 77 pages it is an impressive list of innovative talent )

One thought - should at any time the original quotes from the tender be played back to them to show that you have read the question or is this too paranoid ???

See ITT link and the original specification sought below

Other than this there looked to be some last touches to correct, and what a GREAT piece of work. Fingers crossed.;jsessionid=CD019BAFC2ED208FE3901114631D32A4.instance_2?DataFlow=ShowPage.dfl&Template=TED/N_one_result_detail_curr.htm&docnumber=73767-2007&docId=73767-2007&StatLang=EN

The innovation exchange will pilot new approaches to fostering, exchanging and replicating third sector innovation, ensuring that public services benefit from the approaches they pioneer. The innovation exchange will seek to connect innovators to one another, to those who might benefit from their work, including public service, commissioners and third sector organisation, and others who might invest in their work.

The innovation exchange will be set the following objectives: (i) Enable third sector innovators to identify possible collaborators, build networks and come together to engage in collaborative development work. (ii) Bring together third sector innovators and those who might benefit from their work to develop and prototype innovations. (iii) Support the best innovations to develop their work and to grow or to spread their innovations to other areas and organisations. (iv) Help third sector innovators to access the investments they need to support their work. (v) Develop learning on how to achieve(i) to (iv) and help generate a momentum for enhancing the role of third sector organisations as catalysts in public service improvement.

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