Audit Commission - report published

Audit Commission Report

We tried to get hold of this report during the preparation of our proposal but it was at 'confidential draft' stage and although the Audit Commission did consider releasing it to us, they didn't in the end on the basis that it would give us an unfair advantage over other bidders.  read more »


I think this is a really interesting conecpt and one that could change the way we put together tenders and bids. Rather than wrap the whole thing in secrecy and competition, it makes the process open and collaborative. 

Whatever the outcome of this bid, I hope we can use this model for future approaches and I am trying to raise the profile of this via my networks.

Delivering the bid ... not just online

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After all the virtual working of the past few weeks it seemed essential that we did more than just wing a pdf to John Craig and colleagues at the Cabinet Office. Time for hard copy - so Simon took the train and bike down from Warwickshire, Dan brought the camera, and we all met up outside the Office of the Third Sector for a proper delivery of the package. I asked Simon if he felt the effort had been worthwhile, and whether the open process had brought something extra to the proposal. Of course, he had to say yes ... but I know from conversations we've had, as well as his reply here, that it is a heartfelt yeeeah!!! As you'll hear in the interview, we got lots of new ideas and relationships, and it isn't over yet. By the way, if others who put in a bid want to go naked at this late stage, we would be happy to host their proposals on the site. Maybe open a poll ..... You can get carried away with this openness. Meanwhile, you can find what's in the package here, with encouragement to continue to contribute.

A diagram that should have gone in (I think)

Engagement spiral

This is something we didn't have time to work up properly, but is actually quite important (!) It answers the question about 'What kind of transactions/relationships' will go on as people engage with the OIE. This isn't all entirely online by any means - as with our other metaphors and illustrations from the virtual world, parallels can be seen with 'real life' - and sometimes you get some useful insights when comparing the two.. this is because one rarely analyses what's going on in 'real life' but looking at virtual world parallels makes it more obvious what's going on.  read more »

Final version of the proposal - and what's next

We submitted our bid for the Open Innovation Exchange on May 14 2007 - as you can see here. You can download a public version of the bid below. It is complete apart from the figures, which we can't publish because of tender procedures.

There are earlier drafts here, and more about the development process.

We are keeping the site open because we welcome any further ideas around our proposals, and ways in which open collaboration can assist innovation. You can see how to use the site, a site map, and who is here.

If you have ideas on how we can continue to use the site, drop a comment below.

Bid Sumitted

Here’s the proof. The bid on its way from bike to bid reception. I bumped into John Craig in reception which was nice. I am sure it was a coincidence or maybe it was because we were causing a bit of concern setting up to film outside! But it felt good anyway.

He was friendly and, reading between the lines, I think he’s been really interested in the approach we’ve taken. They are expecting ‘a number’ of bids and I got the impression that it was number about halfway-ish between 15 and 25. So, as we breath a sigh of relief and can get our lives back, the hard work starts for them.

Our full bid less financials (for tender rule reasons) is attached to this post.

Thanks again everybody. This has been a really enjoyable and thought provoking experience. I, for one, am going to have to completely re-think the way I do most things!

I've just got off the train . . .

. . . in Euston on my way to deliver the bid and have a post mortem lunch with Dan and David Wilcox. This is just to let you know that despite one or two last minute hiccups the bid did get finished and will be with the Office of the Third Sector by noon. I will post a copy here before the end of the day.

This has been a tremendous experience in many different ways. So much more stimulating and creative than the ‘cloak and dagger’ approach to ‘consortium building’ and bid writing. And the final product is all the richer for it. This is certainly the best tender I’ve every had a hand in producing (maybe you guys always work to these standards!).

But anyway, in a sense this is just the start of a process not the end. If we are chosen to run the OIE it will be a learning process for everyone and we will want to incorporate that learning as we go along and the OIE will evolve. That evolution can start now.  read more »

Open innovation meets wikinomics

It's wonderful how great stuff can turn up at the last moment to make you feel you are on the right track. I've just posted this across at Designing for Civil Society  read more »

Proposal - version 4.8

Report page

Here is version 4.8 of the proposal. We are still open for comments but we'd need to get them by midday tomorrow to be able to include them. There is still a lot of work to do but barring accidents I think we will get there.


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