Thoughts on OIE

Great idea David and Simon - coming up with a new use for the work and community developed here. Hope I can contribute in a meaningful way!

My work in this area is now centered around Change2 - - an umbrella for the social media projects I have undertaken, all of which are free to use and generally of some social benefit.

I had always intended that Change2 be not just about me, but a more open group of people working within this space. The infrastructure of Change2 is based on Google Apps, and I have 200 odd accounts to give away, so if anyone wants an email address, calendar, docs and spreadsheets account etc, do let me know - if this ended up providing some backup to the OIE, it'd be great.

Am looking forward to meeting up with other Open Exchangers come the autumn!

Couple of questions:

  • Can I ask that we have the Drupal RSS aggregator set up to create a 'planet' of everyone's RSS feeds, as well as the tag feed?
  • Do we need a logo?


Google Apps 4 me

Hi Dave

Good to meet you (virtually) . . . thinks . . . we must get a party organised.

I'd really like to have a go at your Google Apps set-up. How do I engage with this?

re logo - someone suggested it should be based on this enagagement diagram suggested by Jane. The enlarged diagram is here. Any graphic artisits out there?

I will pass on the RSS suggestion but perhaps Dan could help out with this.



No problems!

Love that diagram, and it would make the basis of an excellent logo. Beyond my limited design skills though, I am afraid.

To have a play with the Google Apps, just drop my an email to and we'll move it on from there - and that goes for anyone else who'd like a go!

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