Stories please!

It has been suggested that we use stories, in our interview, to illustrate how the OIE would work in practice eg how people would first connect with the OIE, how they would interact with the OIE over time, how the OIE would support them in the 'innovation to action' process and so on.

I have had a go at such a story and posted it here. Are there any other story tellers out there?! We think we need three. If you have an idea for a story you can leave it as a comment to this entry or, if you are registered, use your blog to write the story yourself.


Super story

That's ace, Simon, reckon it really helps paint the picture of our proposal in practice. Think a couple of things may need clearing up, specifically:

* What exactly is the innovation being talked about? It may ultimately have no bearing on the story's key points but I think it would be helpful to fill out this detail.

* How did they come across the Innovation Exchange online? Perhaps we could say something about the aggregation from loads of sources, well categorised, giving the site a great Google ranking for keywords related to service delivery as well as just 'innovation? (i.e. they didn't have to search for 'innovation advice' -- an unlikely natural step -- but were looking for 'improving joined up services' and found a bunch of results from the innovation exchange site).

Those minor tweaks aside, think it works really well. Perhaps we could get all self-reflexive and say that this success story got published on the OIE website as a case study / example of the process in action!

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