Please help us prepare for the interview

As you may imagine, we are more than delighted to be shortlisted as one of four teams for interview, out of 21. We face that interview next Tuesday, June 12, and would really welcome your help. We want some tough questions.
Our interview team will be meeting tomorrow for rehearsals, when we'll try and work out what we want to say, and what we may be asked.
We wondered how best to do that. Do we keep our best ideas to ourselves? Nope. We got so far by doing things in public ... why stop now?
We made a start on some Q and A here. Please take a look, and add any comment, questions - or indeed answers. This is still co-creation.


The evaluation criteria

John Craig said in his email that:

Some questions will be based on the criteria in the Bidding Guidance
and some will be prompted by the details of your tender and

For those who haven't seen this, the criteria are:

  1. Why the proposal has the quality to succeed and will provide value for money?
  2. How does this proposal demonstrate a capacity to attract and engage the third sector and those able to support and invest in their work?
  3. How does this proposal show the determination and capacity to connect the work of the Exchange with policy-making and public services, including by working in partnership with Office of the Third Sector and the Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA)?
  4. How does this proposal demonstrate experience and expertise in disciplining and focusing innovation activity and creating a successful online interface?
  5. How does this proposal show an awareness of how to combine high quality online and offline activity effectively?

In the bid we had a section that addressed these specifically (Section 8 Meeting the Bid Evaluation Criteria from page 37). We need to look at this again critically.


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