We've been shortlisted!

The 21 bids have been read and 4 have been selected for interview and ours is one of them. Well done everyone! Here is the email from John Craig received today:

05 June 2007 15:59:40
From: <John.Craig>
Subject: Innovation Exchange - invitation to interview
To: Simon Berry


Thank you for your bid to run the Innovation Exchange, which was very impressive. We would like to invite you for interview on the morning of 12th June to discuss your proposals further.

The interview will be 45 minutes in length and it would be great if you could start off the conversation with a 10-15 minute presentation (no more than 15 minutes), providing an overview of your tender and highlighting the key elements as you see them. This will then be followed by questions from the panel.

Panel members
· Ben Jupp, Director, Office of the Third Sector
· John Craig, Head of Innovation, Office of the Third Sector
· Helen Hughes, National Adviser (VCS), IDeA
· Girija Ramgoolam, Account Manager, Financial and Estate Management, Cabinet Office

Some questions will be based on the criteria in the Bidding Guidance and some will be prompted by the details of your tender and presentation.

Of the 21 bids we received, we have invited 4 organisations to interview. We will aim to notify you of a decision in the week beginning 18th June.

Many thanks for your patience and understanding in finding an interview time that works for everyone. To confirm our conversation just now, it would be great if you could arrive for an interview beginning at 10.50am on 12th June.

In total, I am imagining that no more than four people will attend any interview – please let me know if you would like to attend in larger numbers (purely for practical reasons like room size)

It would be fantastic if you could arrive promptly for the interview at the address below.

For a map, see [ http://tinyurl.com/35pbqc.

Very grateful if you could confirm receipt of this email and that you will attend the interview for 10.50.

Best wishes,


John Craig

Office of the Third Sector | Cabinet Office

2nd Floor, 35 Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3BQ
Cabinet Office switchboard: 020 7276 1234



Congrats, thats a lot of

Congrats, thats a lot of darkened rooms a little darker today. Good luck.


Very well done to all concerned.

This bid should so win!


Hi Josef

Thanks for the vote! A video interview of us exiting the "Dragon's Den" will be on the site later today. Too much to say and explain really, in a 15 minute presentation and 25 minutes of questions! And who knows whether the powers that be really really want innovation .....or just a safe place to put it?

Anyhow the exercise of bidding in this way has been brillaint and we have made a lot of contacts and connections without any funding yet chnaginghands;-) eg I just visited your site - very interesting stuff - we will definitely look at it more closely...


Best wishes



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