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A diagram that should have gone in (I think)

Engagement spiral

This is something we didn't have time to work up properly, but is actually quite important (!) It answers the question about 'What kind of transactions/relationships' will go on as people engage with the OIE. This isn't all entirely online by any means - as with our other metaphors and illustrations from the virtual world, parallels can be seen with 'real life' - and sometimes you get some useful insights when comparing the two.. this is because one rarely analyses what's going on in 'real life' but looking at virtual world parallels makes it more obvious what's going on.  read more »

net:gain mapped onto OIE model

I've been meaning to put this up for a couple of days (sorry!). The mapping of net:gain onto the model proposed here is in the Powerpont file attached.  read more »

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