I've just got off the train . . .

. . . in Euston on my way to deliver the bid and have a post mortem lunch with Dan and David Wilcox. This is just to let you know that despite one or two last minute hiccups the bid did get finished and will be with the Office of the Third Sector by noon. I will post a copy here before the end of the day.

This has been a tremendous experience in many different ways. So much more stimulating and creative than the ‘cloak and dagger’ approach to ‘consortium building’ and bid writing. And the final product is all the richer for it. This is certainly the best tender I’ve every had a hand in producing (maybe you guys always work to these standards!).

But anyway, in a sense this is just the start of a process not the end. If we are chosen to run the OIE it will be a learning process for everyone and we will want to incorporate that learning as we go along and the OIE will evolve. That evolution can start now.

If you have time, please respond to the bid – it can still be improved in many ways. In the same way as ‘the network’ has influenced the bid, we want the network to influence what the OIE becomes.

This website will stay in place and registrations will still be open so please continue to spread the word. Please post your insights here.

Now where did I put my bike?

PS: If anyone fancies another challenge the click here!



Great news :)

It has been a really interesting and stimulating process to both watch and contribute to :)

Many thanks to all those who both convened, and made a reality of the whole thing...

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