Helping make stuff happen - let's get networky too

We now have a strong model for ways we can manage connections between innovators, replicators, delivery agents, investors and service users, supported by mentors.

However, a lot of innovation is also seeded by chance connections. People meet, talk, inspire each other, try things ... stuff happens. That's reflected in blog posts and comments here. Michele Martin recomends looking at networks, and Geoff Ashton picks up the theme referencing The Tipping Point. An anonymous commenter says cut the complex models, give us 10 words to talk around.

So ... how, in our proposals, do we help good stuff happen? I've been enormously inspired over the past year by working with Steve Moore and colleague at Policy Unplugged on a series of open space events linked to online networking. I see Steve has joined this Open Innovation Exchange, and so has another member of the Policy Unplugged family, Hina Patel. Among the others here I can see some terrific facilitators, with a mix of skills and much experience online and off.

Simon Berry is just about to start drawing up some work packages. One could be a series of events linked to online networking, mentoring, brokering ... whatever ... to help make good stuff happen. Who's up for that? You can leave a comment below without registering ... but if you do hit the login/register button on the left, and create a new account, you can put up ideas in your own blog. Oh, and if the bid succeeds, there could be money involved ...


Yes - let's keep things networky

In a day or so I will be posting suggested workpackages/activities up here and at this point there will be a danger that all the 'creatives' on here will be put off! Please don't be put off as we need everyone's views and ideas so that we can then mould them into a proposal that can be matched to the tender documents.



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