Final version of the proposal - and what's next

We submitted our bid for the Open Innovation Exchange on May 14 2007 - as you can see here. You can download a public version of the bid below. It is complete apart from the figures, which we can't publish because of tender procedures.

There are earlier drafts here, and more about the development process.

We are keeping the site open because we welcome any further ideas around our proposals, and ways in which open collaboration can assist innovation. You can see how to use the site, a site map, and who is here.

If you have ideas on how we can continue to use the site, drop a comment below.

Bid Sumitted

Here’s the proof. The bid on its way from bike to bid reception. I bumped into John Craig in reception which was nice. I am sure it was a coincidence or maybe it was because we were causing a bit of concern setting up to film outside! But it felt good anyway.

He was friendly and, reading between the lines, I think he’s been really interested in the approach we’ve taken. They are expecting ‘a number’ of bids and I got the impression that it was number about halfway-ish between 15 and 25. So, as we breath a sigh of relief and can get our lives back, the hard work starts for them.

Our full bid less financials (for tender rule reasons) is attached to this post.

Thanks again everybody. This has been a really enjoyable and thought provoking experience. I, for one, am going to have to completely re-think the way I do most things!

I've just got off the train . . .

. . . in Euston on my way to deliver the bid and have a post mortem lunch with Dan and David Wilcox. This is just to let you know that despite one or two last minute hiccups the bid did get finished and will be with the Office of the Third Sector by noon. I will post a copy here before the end of the day.

This has been a tremendous experience in many different ways. So much more stimulating and creative than the ‘cloak and dagger’ approach to ‘consortium building’ and bid writing. And the final product is all the richer for it. This is certainly the best tender I’ve every had a hand in producing (maybe you guys always work to these standards!).

But anyway, in a sense this is just the start of a process not the end. If we are chosen to run the OIE it will be a learning process for everyone and we will want to incorporate that learning as we go along and the OIE will evolve. That evolution can start now.  read more »

Open innovation meets wikinomics

It's wonderful how great stuff can turn up at the last moment to make you feel you are on the right track. I've just posted this across at Designing for Civil Society  read more »

Proposal - version 4.8

Report page

Here is version 4.8 of the proposal. We are still open for comments but we'd need to get them by midday tomorrow to be able to include them. There is still a lot of work to do but barring accidents I think we will get there.


Update Report from Mission Control

. . . just taking a break from the typing to let you know that there is going to be a bit of a delay while my assistant gets her act together and finishes section 8! Thanks for all the contributions . . . we are still waiting on one or two . . . hurry please!

Hope to get the latest version uploaded by 9am tomorrow.


Dream team complete!

I am delighted to be able to announce that two significant players have joined the consortium who will submit the OIE bid on Monday:

UnLtd - Zulfiqar Ahmed - Director of Programmes

Warwick Business School - Prof Jean Hartley and Rod Dacombe

Zulfiqar will play a key role in the 'Investment' workpackage.

Jean and Rod will lead the 'Evaluation'.

These are heavy weights! And we are delighted that they are prepared to put their names behind this bid.

Once the bid is won :-) We will move from 'Consortium' to an expanded 'Partnership' to actually deliver the OIE. And, as you will have seen from the proposal, we will need to involve you and the rest of the sector itself to do this.





Project plan and thanks

Project plan

Attached is the project plan. It's not very clear I'm afraid but I thought you would all be reassured that we had one _and_ that it was prepared by a qualified PRINCE 2 practioner. Thanks David (Ellis).

Thanks also to those who have emailed comments and suggestions . . . thanks the Lord for 'Track changes'.

The proposal is being polished and we hope to post another version by the end of play tomorrow.


Bid text v4.2

Here is version 4.2 of our bid. It is still very very ragged - very much work in progress. It is not as far advanced as we had hoped but we are highly motivated and we will get there especially if the support continues. We need all the help we can get . . . are there any quality assurance experts out there? - see section 10. What do you think about the focus we have taken (Open Source + Social enterprise)? See section 3.2. The focus was very much guided by the contributions here. As always, comments on the workpackages/ activities would be welcome. See section 5.

A couple of words on the OIEC and the OIEP. We are calling the people who got together to put this bid together the Open Innovation Exchange Consortium (OIEC). The purpose of the OIEC to present a successful bid. As soon as we win :-| we will start to grow the OIEP which will actually deliver the OIE. The OIEP will not be static but will evolve as the project progresses. We will need to recruit from the network to serve the network particularly in WP03 and WP05.  read more »

Third Sector Quality Recognition

Third Sector organisations such as social enterprises, charities, co-operatives, trusts and many types of voluntary sector organisations face two major barriers in their aspirations to become self reliant. Many of these organisations are encouraged to bid or write proposals to fund their specialist community activities. Regrettably, for many who would like to pursue this pathway to sustainability, the application documentation requires the organisation to demonstrate:-   read more »

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