Bid text v4.2

Here is version 4.2 of our bid. It is still very very ragged - very much work in progress. It is not as far advanced as we had hoped but we are highly motivated and we will get there especially if the support continues. We need all the help we can get . . . are there any quality assurance experts out there? - see section 10. What do you think about the focus we have taken (Open Source + Social enterprise)? See section 3.2. The focus was very much guided by the contributions here. As always, comments on the workpackages/ activities would be welcome. See section 5.

A couple of words on the OIEC and the OIEP. We are calling the people who got together to put this bid together the Open Innovation Exchange Consortium (OIEC). The purpose of the OIEC to present a successful bid. As soon as we win :-| we will start to grow the OIEP which will actually deliver the OIE. The OIEP will not be static but will evolve as the project progresses. We will need to recruit from the network to serve the network particularly in WP03 and WP05.

Let us know where you can help by contributing here.


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