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Knowledge Sharing and Communities of Practice

This is a report we did for Yorkshire & the Humber Regional Forum for the Voluntary Sector. They wanted a 'regional research resource' but we wanted to think in terms of a 'regional research community' that happened to share its resources. The result is a mix of news service, discussion gropus and archiving.

In relation to the innovation exchange, we would want to add a specific on-line community, but that is another story.



Diffusion of Innovations and Open Learning Systems

OK - model version 1 looks good - but be careful - availability bias means that it is very easy to believe that the model you have is complete when that may not be the case.


A few points:

Firstly, can I just mention that I'm not very keen on the idea of
labelling things with roles 'innovator',
'replicator', 'mentor'. Although you make clear people might perform
multiple roles, most people most of the time sit in one role. I would
prefer abstract verbs - innovate, replicate, mentor. I'm not going to
get upset if we don't do this in the bid, but it does colour what I say
below.  read more »

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