Developing open collaborative innovation

We used this site to develop an "open source bid" to the UK Cabinet Office for a £1.2 million innovation exchange - available here. We didn't win - but see it as our most successful failure of 2007. Here's the case study.

John Craig is new head of Third Sector Innovation Exchange

John Craig, formerly head of innovation at the Cabinet Office, starts work as director of the "official" Innovation Exchange on January 1 2008. John handled the tendering process under which we at the Open Innovation Exchange bid for the contract, and as I've written here, was very helpful and sympathetic to our approach - while sticking to all the challenging procedures. John has seen the innovation exchange idea through from the start, and this - together with experience outside the Civil Service - should give him a great start.

Innovation Exchange goes live!

The website of the Innovation Exchange has gone live here:

You will see some familar faces on the homepage.




Innovation Exchange emerges

There was an article on the Innovation Exchange in this month's acevo members' magazine. There are also now a couple of pages up on the Innovation Unit's website where you can vote on what you think the initial focus of the programme should be:


Open Innovation: public sector forums picks up the story

First published at Designing for Civil Society

As I wrote recently, those of us involved in the Open Innovation Exchange bid were naturally disappointed not to win, but then even more saddened to see that the Cabinet Office has chose a group close to Government to carry the initiative forward.

Public Sector Forum has now picked up the story, but unless you work in the sector you can't get full privileges on the site to read the feature (you can, however,  sign up here for Public Sector Forum newsletter).

I'm grateful  to have permission from editor Ian Cuddy for permission to reproduce it here in full.  read more »

National finalist will have to do

Just a quick note to let you know that last night we were congratulated on getting to the 2007 national finals of the New Statesman New Media Awards but we did not win the the 'Contribution to Civic Society' category. This was won by MySociety's - Neighbourhood Fix It initiative.

We were in extremely good company last night. Some amazing initiatives. I was humbled by Stop the Traffik. which won the 'Advocacy' category I am sure that David will blog the event more thoroughly here shortly.

Thanks again to Nick Booth of Podnosh for nominating us.

And the winner is...

A consortium comprising The Innovation Unit, Headshift and acevo.

More details from the Cabinet Office press release and Headshift.

Thoughts on OIE

Great idea David and Simon - coming up with a new use for the work and community developed here. Hope I can contribute in a meaningful way!

My work in this area is now centered around Change2 - - an umbrella for the social media projects I have undertaken, all of which are free to use and generally of some social benefit.

I had always intended that Change2 be not just about me, but a more open group of people working within this space. The infrastructure of Change2 is based on Google Apps, and I have 200 odd accounts to give away, so if anyone wants an email address, calendar, docs and spreadsheets account etc, do let me know - if this ended up providing some backup to the OIE, it'd be great.

Am looking forward to meeting up with other Open Exchangers come the autumn!

Couple of questions:

  • Can I ask that we have the Drupal RSS aggregator set up to create a 'planet' of everyone's RSS feeds, as well as the tag feed?
  • Do we need a logo?

Developing the New Media Open Innovation Exchange

Who is interested in an innovation exchange where we can both talk about using new media for social benefit, and also collaborate to develop some applications and services?

My previous item about an open innovation exchange for new media sparked some conversations online and off ... particularly with Simon Berry, who so ably project managed the development of our original proposal. I find it fairly easy to come up with ideas (well, remix other people's mostly) but making them happen takes a different sort of capability. Simon is a great reality tester. Do we have the time and resources? Will anyone else be interested? Can we deliver some useful products, services or other real outcomes? Will it be sustainable through earnings or other energy?

Anyway, to do some wider testing I drafted a set of questions and answers, talked them through with Simon who made some changes, and you can see them here and below.

This is by way of a very soft launch of the New Media Open Innovation Exchange. Or the Open New Media Innovation Exchange. Or Open Innovation Exchange for New Media. Or something better, please.


These are some first thoughts developed by David Wilcox and Simon Berry,
following discussions with some others involved in the Innovation
Exchange. Please add comments below, and help develop the idea further.
If you register on this site, you'll get your own blog to contribute more fully. Earlier item here.  read more »

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