Workpackage 01 - Project set-up

Workpackage 1

Here's the first attempt at describing Workpackage 1.

It is attached as an Excel spreadsheet.

As always, comments are welcome.


Activity list and call for contributions

The list of workpackages and activities to deliver the 'Open Innovation Exchange' has been further refined and is attached to this posting (Word format). This builds on a previous posting and supercedes it. It is still incomplete and so ideas are still needed.

In the attached document we have provided a lead contact (bid leader) for each workpackage and a list of supporters. You can:

- post your contributions here (use the comments link or blog your own item);

- contact the bid leader directly (the document contains email addresses);

- ask to be added to the list of supporters (please email the bid leader for the workpackage you can contribute to);

"The genius is in the network . . . ."

. . . 12 days to deadline for bid submission.


Enough of the theory!

Attached is our first attempt at stating what the "Open Innovation Exchange" would do (the file is in Word format). This is an "Aunt Sally" for others to knock about and comment on. It is presented as a set of "workpackages" which in turn contain a set of activities.

This is incomplete and needs filling out especially in the areas of: types of event, media campaigns, monitoring and evaluation for example.

Are we on the right track? Have we missed anything out? Is there stuff in here that is not required? Could you help us deliver any of these workpackages/ activities?

Your insights please . . .

Simon Berry interview

Click to Play

Technology for innovation - but in its place I've known Simon Berry and his team at Ruralnet for some years, and I'm always amazed that they manage to keep coming up with innovative ideas while continuing to get the nuts and bolts of project delivery right. We share an enthusiasm for new technology. Simon reminded me technology is a means to end - and has to be integrated with other ways in which people can work together. He also emphasised that we can't expect people always to share knowledge without reward: trading will be part of the mix in our vision of the Innovation Exchange.

New version of model (v 3.2)

A modified version of the Innovation Exchange model we are using to guide us is attached to this post.

It tries to incorporate the points made by Andy here.


Challenging questions

In her post earlier in the week Kerry posed some questions. The answers to these questions would be very useful in informing our bid. I have had a go at answering some of them but need the thoughts of others.

What evidence already exists on similar approaches and how they have worked in practice?

I am not aware that an approach of this type has been tried before. When I met with John Craig I asked him what the inspiration for the IE. Often a minister visits another coutry, or a project, or something and this sparks an initiative like this. However, there does not seem to be a precedent. John referred to Ed Miliband's speech on 22/6/06 as the source. (PDF, 31KB).

HOWEVER, I believe that all the elements of what we will be proposing for the Innovation Exchange have been in use successfully for some time. For example:  read more »

Some essential reading / useful resources

In case you haven't come across it already, this is pretty much essential reading:

It draws heavily on the work of Mulgan* and Albury (2003) "Innovation in the public sector", Strategy Unit, Cabinet Office, October 2003.


Then there is the 'Exploring Innovation' website/forum - "Exploring Innovation - a space for local government conversations". We need to engage with the people behind this. I have registered and posted something about this exchange. There is a presentation from Geoff Mulgan (note - this is a PDF) on this site.

   read more »

Guardian contact anybody?

I'm just drafting a list of the activities that may be included in the Innovation Exchange. One is around media and communications and the idea of awards. However this award programme already exists:

Does anyone know anybody who is associated with these awards at the Guardian?

Helping make stuff happen - let's get networky too

We now have a strong model for ways we can manage connections between innovators, replicators, delivery agents, investors and service users, supported by mentors.

However, a lot of innovation is also seeded by chance connections. People meet, talk, inspire each other, try things ... stuff happens. That's reflected in blog posts and comments here. Michele Martin recomends looking at networks, and Geoff Ashton picks up the theme referencing The Tipping Point. An anonymous commenter says cut the complex models, give us 10 words to talk around.  read more »

Charity Finance covers the Open Innovation Exchange

We've had some terrific coverage from Charity Finance on the proposal. OK, I'm quoted rather well, so I'm biased, but Tania Mason has really captured what we are trying to do, including the point that if we win, some of the funds will be available to others.

Tania says that our proposal is in competition with one from the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, and the Young Foundation. Maybe this will build on the Launchpad programme they are developing with an impressive team and list of partners.  read more »

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