This is a record of the development of the OIE. Please add by edit or comment

SB - Simon Berry; JB - Jane Berry; StB - Steve Bridger; EM - Ed Mitchell; DW - David Wilcox; DJW - Daniel J Wilcox; BW - Ben Whitnall

28/3/07 Call for tenders published by Office of the Third Sector (OTS) in the Cabinet Office. Ted link

29/4/07 DW heard about the tender when presenting at a conference for UK nonprofits and blogs an item saying that lack of online capability, and willingness to share, in the
sector could present challenges to the success of any innovation
exchange. He adds P.S. - nothing's perfect. Who wants to develop a
consortium bid?

This is followed by calls between DW and SB, BW at Delib, EM and StB, and emergence of the idea of an "open source bid".

6/4/07 Good Friday
9/4/07 Easter Monday

12/4/07 An email exchange with John Craig, who is handling the
tender procedures at OTS, led DW to an encouraging meeting on April
12. It is clear OTS are really keen get new ideas.

13/4/07 Delib confirm commitment, and set up a Plone site

14/4/07 DW buys innovationexchange.net domain.

16/4/07 DW sets up Basecamp system for day-to-day internal collaboration, with a first message on possible roles, and a draft Q and A to explain IOE.

18/4/07 List of roles, leads, contacts, process developed on the Basecamp Writeboard by StB, SB, BW

18/4/07 Innovation ideas developed by StB; SB; DW on the Basecamp Writeboard following tender analysis by SB

20/4/07 SB met with John Craig, Tender Leader, OTS, and then DW/SB meet for lunch to discuss bid

20/4/07 Contact made with Tanya Mason @ Membership Today

21-22/4/07 DJW and DW set up Drupal site to provide easy blogging.
Team discussion to agree Open Innovation Exchange. Invitation sent inviting people to participate.

22/4/07 Simon posted the first version of the model, leading to a flurry of comments

23/4/07 DW/StB/BW/SB/EM/AP met in cafe in Bristol to discuss - agreed that SB/RNUK Ltd should lead bid

23/4/07 DW explained the thinking behind an open innovation exchange, including a conversation with Drew Mackie which crystalised the idea of an “open source” bid.

23/4/07 Press release leads to coverage in Charity Finance and New Start

24/4/07 SB reported on meeting in Bristol

24/4/07 Kevin Harris put in a plug for creative evaluation, Michele Martin provides input from the US on fostering networks

25/4/07 Simon posted a movie of main concept diagram, leading to feedback from Andy Dearden and Simon Marshall

27/4/07 Simon posted research into the innovation process, with more here

27/4/07 Kerry McCarthy offered reflections on innovation from consultancy experience, focussing on evaluation and evidence

30/4/07 DW/JB/SB Video interviews (by DJW) done of Jane and Simon and published on site

30/4/07 Version 3.2 of the OIE model published incorporating feedback from Andy Dearden

2/5/07 SB provideed a list of workpackages and asks for contribnutions

2/5/07 JB adapted the net:gain model for the Exchange

3/5/07 First version of WP01(Project setup) published

7/5/07 Bank Holiday

8/5/07 First versions of WP05 (Establish and maintain an associates network), WP07 published (Investment), and web development

8/5/07 Hina Patel made a substantial contribution from the point of view of a social entrepreneur

9/5/07 Meeting at Warwick Business School with Prof Jean Hartley and Rod Dacombe

9/1/07 'Open Innovation Exchange' is number 1 in Google

10/5/07 Version 4.2 of the bid text is published

11/5/07 Warwick Business School and unLtd join the OIE Consortium

11/5/07 First version of the Project Plan published

11/5/07 Meeting with Simon Hebditch at OTS

12/5/07 Version 4.8 of proposal published on the web

12-13/5/07 Intense bid writing and budget finalisation - pulling text more in line with recent research

14/5/07 Bid submitted by hand to the OTS

14/5/07 Video interview after delivery (DW/SB) edited and published by DJW

18/5/07 Nick Booth nominateed OIE for a New Statesman New Media Awards

5/6/07 Invited for interview

8/7/07 Interview team meet at Warwick Business school 

10/6/07 SB followed up a suggestion from BW that we should use stories at the interview and asked for contributions... then published three

12/6/07 Interview at OTS, with a video afterwards

15/6/07 BW explained why our approach to the technology platform is different

17/6/07 NESTA provided us with some additional inspiration through the launch of their Connect programme

18/6/07 Informed by OTS that we had not been successful .

1/7/07 DW suggested a New Media Open Innovation Exchange

3/7/07 New Statesman announced OIE is a finalist in the New Media Awards



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