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proposal | Open Innovation Exchange


Project plan and thanks

Project plan

Attached is the project plan. It's not very clear I'm afraid but I thought you would all be reassured that we had one _and_ that it was prepared by a qualified PRINCE 2 practioner. Thanks David (Ellis).

Thanks also to those who have emailed comments and suggestions . . . thanks the Lord for 'Track changes'.

The proposal is being polished and we hope to post another version by the end of play tomorrow.


Bid text v4.2

Here is version 4.2 of our bid. It is still very very ragged - very much work in progress. It is not as far advanced as we had hoped but we are highly motivated and we will get there especially if the support continues. We need all the help we can get . . . are there any quality assurance experts out there? - see section 10. What do you think about the focus we have taken (Open Source + Social enterprise)? See section 3.2. The focus was very much guided by the contributions here. As always, comments on the workpackages/ activities would be welcome. See section 5.

A couple of words on the OIEC and the OIEP. We are calling the people who got together to put this bid together the Open Innovation Exchange Consortium (OIEC). The purpose of the OIEC to present a successful bid. As soon as we win :-| we will start to grow the OIEP which will actually deliver the OIE. The OIEP will not be static but will evolve as the project progresses. We will need to recruit from the network to serve the network particularly in WP03 and WP05.  read more »

Workpackage 07 - Investment

Workpackage 07

This is the first version of the 'investment' workpackage. This will need a leader which has yet to be identified. The 'investment' workpackage was not part of the original list but has been suggested by many and the case was made very well by Tim Davies in his blog submission here.

As always, suggestions for improvement are needed!


Workpackage 05 - Establish and maintain an associates network

Attached is the first draft of the WP05. This is a a crucial workpackage as it will draw a significant part of the budget and together with WP01 (Project set-up) and WP03 (Events, training, toolkits and follow through) will define the distinct nature and modus operandi of the OIE.

Workpackage 06 (partial) - Rapid review, monitoring, evaluation and learning

Sorry I have not contributed much to all this so far - really busy up to now. I (and David W) have an interest in the rapid review elements of WP 6 which seems to be a mapping and lit review exercise. As this seems to be a problem at the moment (re "HELP!") I thought I'd have a crack at the WP outline. Hope this helps.

Input is still required on the monitoring and evaluation elements.


Workpackage 01 - Project set-up

Workpackage 1

Here's the first attempt at describing Workpackage 1.

It is attached as an Excel spreadsheet.

As always, comments are welcome.


Activity list and call for contributions

The list of workpackages and activities to deliver the 'Open Innovation Exchange' has been further refined and is attached to this posting (Word format). This builds on a previous posting and supercedes it. It is still incomplete and so ideas are still needed.

In the attached document we have provided a lead contact (bid leader) for each workpackage and a list of supporters. You can:

- post your contributions here (use the comments link or blog your own item);

- contact the bid leader directly (the document contains email addresses);

- ask to be added to the list of supporters (please email the bid leader for the workpackage you can contribute to);

"The genius is in the network . . . ."

. . . 12 days to deadline for bid submission.


Enough of the theory!

Attached is our first attempt at stating what the "Open Innovation Exchange" would do (the file is in Word format). This is an "Aunt Sally" for others to knock about and comment on. It is presented as a set of "workpackages" which in turn contain a set of activities.

This is incomplete and needs filling out especially in the areas of: types of event, media campaigns, monitoring and evaluation for example.

Are we on the right track? Have we missed anything out? Is there stuff in here that is not required? Could you help us deliver any of these workpackages/ activities?

Your insights please . . .

Challenging questions

In her post earlier in the week Kerry posed some questions. The answers to these questions would be very useful in informing our bid. I have had a go at answering some of them but need the thoughts of others.

What evidence already exists on similar approaches and how they have worked in practice?

I am not aware that an approach of this type has been tried before. When I met with John Craig I asked him what the inspiration for the IE. Often a minister visits another coutry, or a project, or something and this sparks an initiative like this. However, there does not seem to be a precedent. John referred to Ed Miliband's speech on 22/6/06 as the source. (PDF, 31KB).

HOWEVER, I believe that all the elements of what we will be proposing for the Innovation Exchange have been in use successfully for some time. For example:  read more »

Knowledge Sharing and Communities of Practice

This is a report we did for Yorkshire & the Humber Regional Forum for the Voluntary Sector. They wanted a 'regional research resource' but we wanted to think in terms of a 'regional research community' that happened to share its resources. The result is a mix of news service, discussion gropus and archiving.

In relation to the innovation exchange, we would want to add a specific on-line community, but that is another story.



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