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From Mike Alderson at Open Eye: Chat - Closer encounters of the Third Sector kind:

The emergence of the Third Sector as an increasingly important element in local service delivery continues to gather momentum with two announcements this week.

The Cabinet Office have published a
discussion paper to invite further views on the second phase of their plans to distribute £65m of funding to third sector organisations over three years. They will do this through the Futurebuilders Fund, a programme that provides investment to help third sector organisations develop the services they provide to the public.

DCLG have also published a discussion paper on their strategy for the Third Sector (available in the downloads section of this site). They are very clear that the sector has a number of key roles to play in both local partnerships and in place-shaping, including representation and advocacy, lobbying and influencing policy, shaping and designing services and also delivery of responsive public services.

There is a clear expectation that third sector organisations will be actively involved in Local Strategic Partnerships and in developing Local Area Agreements. Taking the lead, DCLG are establishing a Third Sector Partnership Board of between 15-20 members to provide oversight and challenge between the third sector, local government and the department.

The paper acknowledges that there is variance between the best local authorities, who already work well with the third sector, and other areas where they note that 'engagement is inconsistent at best and weak at worst'. Voluntary and community sector organisations are becoming increasingly important, both politically and as service shapers and deliverers.


Well spotted...

Well spotted David. Just got a feed on this too, a couple of hours ago. These days even those 'on the edge' can be connected to 'the centre...' when they want to.... for interest, Capcitybuilders is funding some relevant liaison work too.


Living on the edge

The excellent Dave Pollard (How to Save the World) has a good piece about Living on the Edge

Lately I've been thinking a lot about edges.
The World of Ends, both in technology and in business, the
marginalization of the poor and disenfranchised, the fact that most
innovation starts at the edges. Five years ago when we were developing
a strategy for innovation for the 100,000-person company that employed
us, we made up T-shirts that read:

If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room.


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