Audit Commission - report published

Audit Commission Report

We tried to get hold of this report during the preparation of our proposal but it was at 'confidential draft' stage and although the Audit Commission did consider releasing it to us, they didn't in the end on the basis that it would give us an unfair advantage over other bidders.

I've had a quick skim of the report and although there are lots of interesting recommendations, it does focus specifically on Local Authorities (that was the report's remit). A couple of things to highlight:

- Face-to-face dissemination is the most widely used method for sharing ideas, and the most popular for learning [see Jane's Exchange Visit post and comments here]

- Few authorities are able to access examples of successful innovation, while many innovators lack the mechanisms for sharing their experience

There is a good section on 'Innovation and Risk' starting on page 14.

The report can be downloaded from here.

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